Problem Oriented Policing Team (POP)

The mission of the Temecula Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Team (POP) is to continue to provide a high quality of life within the city of Temecula and to pro-actively target areas of improvement throughout the city, while seeking long-term solutions through enforcement actions and community involvement. Problems are addressed by a 4 step process known as the S.A.R.A. Model:
  • Scan: Identify Problem
  • Analyze: Questions are asked to learn everything about the problem
  • Respond: Based on analysis, a customized response is formulated
  • Assess: The response is evaluated to determine if the problem was solved or reduced
POP officers conduct probation / parole compliance checks, undercover operations, massage parlor compliance checks, and bicycle enforcement patrol throughout the city. A component of the POP Team is the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program for apartment complexes in the city. This program is a 3 phase certification program involving:
  • an 8 hour management training taught by the police department
  • annual crime prevention social training taught by the property management and police department
  • community awareness training
  • crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)
  • property survey / inspection by the police department
The benefits of this program are reduced police calls for service, more stable resident base, reduced exposure to civil liability, and improved personal safety for tenants, landlords, and managers.

POP officers work closely with the following agencies:
  • Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC)
  • City Attorney
  • Code Enforcement
  • Fire Department
  • HUD - Office of Inspector General
  • Probation / Parole
  • Public Works