School Resource Deputies

The school resource officer program was instituted within the Police Department in 1990 with a focus on Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Anger Management, Peer Relations and Mentoring. There are currently 6 school resource officers serving in the Temecula Valley Unified School District. The team is dedicated to keeping our students safe through education, counseling and mentoring. They also implement inspirational programs and expand resources through community partnerships. The majority of students view “their” School Resource Officers as their friend and mentor.
School Resource Officers

Triad Approach

Since its inception, the Temecula School Resource Officer program has taken a leading role within the State of California for similar programs. The school resource officers use what is known as the “triad” approach to campus safety. The 3 components of this approach are education, counseling, and law enforcement.

The theory behind the triad approach is that if students are educated about drugs, alcohol, violence and the consequences of illegal activity, they will be less likely to make mistakes. If minor mistakes are made, counseling, mentoring and positive reinforcement of behaviors are implemented. Should delinquency continue, law enforcement methods are utilized to correct the unacceptable behavior.