History of Street Names

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Ave Alvarado
  • Juan Bautista Alvarado
    • Mexican governor of Alta California during Mexican era
    • Nephew of General Vallejo
Anza Road
  • Juan Bautista de Anza
    • Spanish explorer and official in the Southwest and the far West
    • Reputed founder of San Francisco
    • Opened (1774) an overland road from Sonora through present-day Arizona to California
Auld Road
  • George Auld
    • Came to California from Canada in the 1860s
    • Acquired substantial amount of land in region to grow grain and raise cattle
    • Family was among the largest landowners in the region, so people often referred to it as Auld Valley
Borel Road
  • Borel family arrived in the region in the 1870s
  • Pioneer family of the French Valley
Butterfield Stage Road
  • Stage line created by entrepreneur John Butterfield
  • Operated from 1858-1861
  • Carried U.S. mail and transport passengers from St. Louis to San Francisco
Cabrillo Avenue
Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo led the first European expedition to explore what is now the west coast of the United States.

Clinton Keith Road, Murrieta
  • Adna Clinton Keith was appointed as County Surveyor for Riverside in 1945.
  • "Clinton Keith Road" was named after Mr. Keith in honor of his many years of service.
Coronado Drive
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, Spanish explorer of the Southwest, searched in vain for the Seven Lost Cities of Gold (Cibola) in the 1500s.

Cupeño Lane
  • One of the smallest tribes in California
  • Related to the Cahuilla tribe with a similar language
  • Territory was centered around Warner Hot Springs
  • Main village there was known as Cupa - hence their name
De Portola Road
  • Gaspar De Portola
    • Spanish army soldier
    • Governor of Las Californias, 1768-1770
    • Led explorations for establishment of bases and missions in California
Dendy Parkway
Bill Dendy was a self-employed real estate developer. His development of the Westside Business Center, off Diaz Road north of Winchester Road, helped fulfill the plans of the early builders of Rancho California.

Domenigoni Parkway
  • Angelo Domenigoni
    • Swiss pioneer of French Valley
    • First settler in the valley which bears his name and where he took up a large tract of unsurveyed government land in 1880