Culture Days

The City of Temecula’s Community Services Department and the Temecula Valley Museum begin another season of Culture Days the second Saturday of each month.  This event began in 2019 and has honored over 40 different cultures with arts, entertainment, and activities. Join us this year as we celebrate even more cultures from around the world!

The Museum created this program to share a full history of the people of the Temecula Valley, one that embraces diversity and celebrates contemporary life in Temecula.  Each month will celebrate various cultures with food, music, activities, and arts.  Local artist Tony Moramarco from Bigfoot Art Classes will offer a free art class on site relating to each monthly theme. 


Temecula’s Museum acknowledges the inextricable link between art, culture, history, and community by continuing to enhance the current offerings and expanding the scope of what can be experienced.  Mark your calendars in 2024 to join us the second Saturday of every month for Culture Days and enjoy culture, entertainment, crafts, food, and fun…all for free!      

FEB 10            Vietnam
MAR 9             Australia
APR 13           Saudi Arabia
May 11            Japan
JUN 8              Thailand
JUL 13            Vermont
AUG 10           Philippines
SEP 14            Mexico
OCT 12           Germany
NOV 9             India
DEC 14           Christmas Around the World 

For more information about Temecula Culture Days and the Temecula Valley Museum, please visit and follow us on social media @TemeculaValleyMuseum.   For questions, please call (951) 694-6450.                                        

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