602 Trespass Form

A 602 Letter, also known as a Trespass Letter of Authority (i.e. 602 PC Letter), is issued by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. It is a formal request by a business or property owner to prosecute anyone who is loitering or engaging in any unlawful activity on their property. 

In order to allow the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to detain or discourage people from loitering, trespassing or engaging in any other illegal behaviors in or around your business in your absence, a 602 Letter must be on-file. This letter greatly improves the City and Sheriff Department’s ability to act against undesirable trespassers. 

This letter provides law enforcement permission to enforce trespassing laws within and upon private property with or without a call for service. If someone is found trespassing on your property after being properly warned and you are off-site or your location is closed, law enforcement can take appropriate action. By completing this letter, you authorize law enforcement to arrest and/or issue citations to trespassers during for up to 12 months from the date it was signed. This letter must be completed annually. 

Benefits of Completing A 602 Letter:

  • Allows law enforcement to detain and discourage loitering and trespassing on your property. 
  • Gives law enforcement permission to enforce trespassing laws in your absence. 
  • Expedited response to calls for service. 
  • Reduced pressure on employees.

A 602 Letter does NOT: 

  • Serve as a private security measure 
  • Prosecute trespasser, as the owner you must still sign a private persons arrest form and follow through with the prosecution/court process 
  • Automatically renew- it must be completed annually
  • Afford additional protection to your business

Keeping our community safe and preventing crime is a community-wide effort that requires corporation and partnership between businesses, residents and law enforcement. By taking an active role means to invest your time and money in protecting your business and ultimately prevent crime.

To submit a 602 letter, please click the following link: New Submission