Swim Test Policy

This Swim Test Policy applies to children ages 8 and under, children under 18 who attend a recreation swim program without a parent, City of Temecula Day Camp participants and any outside user group such as outside day camp or large groups.

General Admission Guests
In order to protect children in the pool during recreational swim times, all children ages 8 and under need to be within arm's reach of a parent/guardian or in a lifejacket. If a swimmer who is age 8 or under is a confident swimmer, they may ask for a swim evaluation (or swim test). To ask for a swim test, please find a Lead Guard on deck.

Day Camp/Outside User Groups
All children participating in the City of Temecula Day Camp or an outside user group will be required to take a swim test before entering the water. Children who decide not to take a swim test will be given a specified wristband and will be required to wear a lifejacket when in the water. To set-up a visit for your group contact the Aquatics Office at 951-308-6396.

Swim Evaluation/Swim Test

The Swim Evaluation is as follows:

  • Jump into the water on the deep end side (12 feet deep)
  • Tread water for 1 minute
  • Swim confidently to the shallow end (25 yards)
  • Exit the water without assistance

Passing: Children who pass the swim evaluation may use all areas of the pool including the shallow end, deep end, diving board, and slide if applicable (height requirement still applies).  Once a child has passed the swim test, staff will record the child's name and date; the swim test is good for the summer season.

Not passing: If the child does not pass the swim evaluation, they will be required to be in a lifejacket or within arms reach of a parent/guardian (adult at least 18 years old).  They will not be allowed in the deep end or the slide. A swimmer can retest on a future date.