Community Action Patrol

The primary function of the Community Action Patrol (CAP) volunteers is to patrol the streets of Temecula, acting as the “eyes and ears” of the Temecula Police Department. The City of Temecula sponsors approximately 15 special events each year, all of which the CAP volunteers are involved in.

Other Community Action Patrol assignments include:

  • Vacation home checks and Extra Patrol requests
  • Business and shopping parking lot areas
  • Assist with crime scene security
  • Citations for handicap, fire hydrant, fire lanes, red curb, graffiti
  • Patrols for schools and parks
  • Emergency call-outs for major accidents of any kind


  • United States citizen or permanent resident alien
  • 35 years of age and physically capable of performing CAP duties
  • Live in the City of Temecula or nearby City of Murrieta
  • Pass a background check, submit a valid California driver’s license and proof of car insurance
  • Training will consist of 40 hours Basic Training at the Academy; 40 hours training in Logistics  and 35 hours of patrol training.
  • Applicants must be willing to contribute at least 16 hours of their time per month and attend a minimum of 7 monthly meetings per year.
  • No visible tattoos.
Photo of the 2011 Explorers

Explorers Post 884

Law Enforcement Exploring is a division of the Boy Scouts of America that gives young men and women between the ages of 14 and 21 a hands-on look at what a career in law enforcement is about. Many of the Explorers who have graduated from this program have accepted careers in Law Enforcement. Many of them have remained with Riverside County and are now assigned to the Temecula Station and involved in training the next group of young men and women who are looking for a rewarding career.

Volunteer Experience

Since it's inception in 1996, this program has allowed the Police Explorers to volunteer their time to their community by assisting law enforcement in a variety of ways such as directing traffic at special events, crime prevention programs, and light security details. Once an explorer becomes eligible, they are allowed to participate in a ride-along program with deputies from the Department. Explorers act as an extra set of “eyes and ears” for the officers and assist them on various calls.


To be in the Temecula Police Explorer program, one must attend regularly scheduled meetings at the station and be able to participate in normal physical activities. Explorers meet weekly to discuss explorer business, upcoming events, and learn different aspects of law enforcement and the techniques used. The explorers are required to maintain good grades and citizenship in school, and are encouraged to take leadership roles in school and social activities.

Explorers may also attend an annual five-day police explorer academy with other explorers from other Riverside County Sheriff Stations. The explorers will experience first hand what a police officer goes through at a police academy. The Temecula Police Department is proud of these young volunteers dedicated to serving their community.

Valley Mounted Posse

Temecula Valley Mounted Posse

Sponsored by the Temecula Police Department, for over 50 years Rancho California and the surrounding areas have had a mounted posse team assisting law enforcement. The posse’s activities include:

  • Assisting the Search and Rescue Team
  • High visibility patrol
  • Mounted training
  • Working special events

The Temecula Police Mounted Posse remains ready to meet the ever changing needs of a growing community. Posse members serve the community in various ways such as directing traffic at special events, crime prevention programs and light security details.


Both horse and rider train throughout the year in crowd control, defensive tactics, search and rescue, tracking and more. Members must commit to 16 hours of volunteerism each month, attending monthly team meetings and be willing to use their own horse and equipment.


Volunteers have always played a key role in helping law enforcement. By being involved in the community, the Temecula Police Mounted Posse helps determine the character of life at their own doorstep. Members not only assist their community and their police department, but also help to preserve some of the "Old West" traditions for which Temecula is known.