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Though efforts to incorporate Temecula began as early as 1977, progress was very slow.  The completion of the I-15 corridor between Corona and San Diego in 1985, created an explosion in population throughout the Temecula Valley.   The need to incorporate became imperative in order to maintain local control over the services needed for this growing community.

A City Committee was formed in 1988 to spearhead the process of incorporation, beginning with a feasibility study, followed by a formal proposal submitted to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO).  Once the Committee had LAFCO approval, they could begin gathering signatures of local voters to have the issue placed on a ballot.

In early 1988, the Cityhood Committee was made up of about 18 members.  Momentum and enthusiasm for cityhood grew, as did the Committee membership.  Over the course of the next year and a half, the Committee maintained a membership of around 30 people as new members joined the committee and others left.

Members of The First City Committee

  1. President:   Jimmy Moore
  2. Vice-President: Perry Peters
  3. Secretary: Peg Moore
  4. Treasurer: John Sisson
  5. Officer: John Augustine
  6. Officer: Ronni Crossland
  7. Officer: Dee Ivy

jimmy moore 80As the result of his involvement as president of the City of Temecula Incorporation Committee, and his ongoing dedication and commitment to the community, Jimmy Moore was often referred to as “Mr. Temecula.”  He earned a reputation as a dedicated public servant, serving on the Boards of the Temecula Historical Society, the Temecula Valley Arts Council, the California Chamber Orchestra, and the Inland Valley Symphony Orchestra.  He was also a supporting member of the Temecula Town Association, the Kiwanis Club, the Temecula Valley Wine Society, the Temecula Valley Museum, the Old Town Temecula Community Theater, and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

  1. Officer: Gene King
  2. Officer: Hank Rupp
  3. Bill Benson
  4. Bill Bopf
  5. Jeanne Burns

Articles of association & by-laws chair

  1. John Dedovesh
  2. Bill Harker

John Dedovesh lived in Temecula for 22 years.   He was a member of St. Catherine’s of Alexandria Catholic Church, a charter member of the Temecula Valley Knights of Columbus Council, and a Past Color Corps Commander.

John served on the Temecula City Incorporation Committee and was instrumental in the development of Winchester Creek Park.

John served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and participated in the testing of the atomic bomb in 1946.

  • Jimmy Moore - President
  • Perry Peters - Vice President
  • Tish Johnson - Secretary 1/25/88 - 5/2/88
  • Peg Moore - Secretary
  • John Sisson - Treasurer
  • John Augustine - Scholarship Chair
  • Ronni Crossland - Golf Tournament Co-chair
  • Dee Ivy - Petitioning Co-chair
  • Gene King - Articles of Association & By-Laws Chair
  • Hank Rupp - Petitioning Co-chair
  • Bill Benson
  • Bill Bopf
  • Jeanne Burns
  • Steve Carlton
  • Bill Culbertson
  • John Dedovesh
  • Rick Dietrich
  • Dick Fewell
  • Ray Flores
  • Steven Ford
  • Bill Harker
  • Bill Johnson
  • Tom Langley
  • Karel Lindermans
  • Mike Medaris
  • Robert Morris
  • Pia Oliver
  • Roger Owen
  • Evar Peterson
  • Peggy Querry
  • Glen Richardson
  • Kevin St. Clair
  • Joyce Scully
  • Mike Scully
  • Brian Taylor
  • Rob Vass