Temecula Trees - Urban Forest Management Plan


The City of Temecula wants your input on taking care of our City tree’s. The City's urban forest is made up of trees growing on private property, along City streets, and in parks. Temecula is in the process of creating an Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP), which will promote the sustainability of trees in the City in a way that maximizes their environmental benefits, while maintaining the City’s established safety and economic goals. The UFMP will look at the condition of the City’s trees, management practices, policies and ordinances, and funding and provide an assessment of whether they are functioning at an optimal level and provide recommendations where needed for improvement. When completed, this document supports a measurable planning framework that will support the City’s urban forest over the next 30-40 years.

To ensure this program considers and incorporates resident priorities, the following survey is provided for your voice to be heard. We want to know where focus should be placed as the program is continually improved. 

The survey questions focus on understanding how you feel about trees in the City of Temecula and how trees can be better incorporated into the City and your neighborhood. We also want your input on the value of a vigorous and engaged urban forestry program in meeting the City's commitment to sustain a healthy urban forest. 

Your feedback will remain anonymous, and findings will only be reported in group form. All survey responses collected will be stored securely and confidentially. Your participation is completely voluntary, and you may stop the survey at any time, without any negative consequence to the survey. However, completed surveys are most helpful to us in shaping the UFMP.

We appreciate you taking part in this important process.

For additional information regarding improving the City's Urban Forest Management Program, please visit temeculatrees.org or contact Stacy Fox at Stacy.Fox@TemeculaCA.gov