Temecula Trees - Urban Forest Management Plan

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Here’s the plan,

The City of Temecula wants to help the community lower utility costs, create vibrant and diverse outdoor spaces, clean the air we breathe, and save the water we cherish. And we can accomplish all of this with the help of our trees!

The Draft UFMP and Technical Assessment are available for public review and comment from December 12, 2022 through January 9, 2023. These draft documents intend to guide tree management in the City for the next 40 years and reflect the values and priorities of the Temecula community. Preparation of the draft documents was completed following extensive community engagement and outreach, and public input is a valuable part of the UFMP process. Comments on the draft documents can be sent to stacy.fox@temeculaca.gov. Following public review, the draft UFMP and Technical Assessment will be finalized and are anticipated to be complete in February 2023.

So, why trees

The value of trees is experienced every day in the many different ways. Some experiences are physical and immediate like the relief of being in the cool shade of a large tree on a  hot day. Others are less tangible but still present, like the positive impacts on our mental health. We experience the benefits of trees everyday whether we can identify them or not.

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Trees Are Good Website


Our community, our trees.

See below for a map of trees that are managed by the City of Temecula. Pan and zoom in for more detail. You can click on an individual tree point to get more info about that tree.

Note: This map does not include trees on private property.