Temporary Expanded Dining/Retail Program (TED)


The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented burdens on businesses located within the City of Temecula. As businesses reopen, they are facing new operational limitations and financial burdens that will continue to negatively impact their business operations for an extended duration. To support businesses, the City of Temecula is offering temporary expansions to assist restaurants and retail establishments during these trying times.

Public Property Application - OLD TOWN TEMECULA ONLY


The Special Event Permit (COVID-19) is a no cost permit that will accelerate temporary expansions while ensuring compliance with critical safety requirements (ADA, Alcohol Licenses, Life Safety, etc.).  Costs may be incurred for outside agency requirements (California ABC, etc.)

How to Apply

Download and complete the appropriate application (found above). Be sure to provide all required documentation. Once complete, scan the application and applicable files. Upload the application and files by clicking the red button below.


Call us at 951-694-6400 and ask to speak to the Planner of the Day.