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How is the Regional Stay At Home Order enforced in Temecula?

Many businesses are impacted by the State’s public health orders to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, including the Regional Stay Home Order that went into effect due to regional ICU capacity dipping below 15% in the Southern California Region. Beginning on 12/7, restaurants are permitted to operate with delivery or take-out service only; retail shopping in all sectors may continue to operate at 20% capacity, outdoor recreation facilities may continue with limitations, and more is listed on the State’s website. Under this Order, some sectors will close or stay open with limitations, and those impacted are specified in the California Department of Public Health Order, and online under the question: “What Does the Regional Stay Home Order Do?”

Similar to when the first Stay at Home Order was issued in March 2020, it is well understood enforcing these new restrictions is a challenge. County public health officials, and Counties are doing the best they can to implement the State Orders while awaiting further clarification from the State in the areas the Order is not clear. The City of Temecula does not have authority to enforce the State COVID-19 Health Orders. State licensing agencies such as ABC or County Public Health can step in for alcohol or food service establishments operating outside the Order. Other industries dependent on State approvals/license will hopefully evaluate this risk prior to defying State orders. If the City is aware of businesses not complying with these State restrictions, business will receive a notice from City Code Enforcement explaining the State COVID-19 Health Orders. If the business fails to comply, the business could receive a notice from the Riverside County Counsel’s Office seeking compliance prior to a court action.  

The City continues to update this website and Social media to educate the public on State restrictions, and the best practices to stay safe and slow the spread of COVID-19 as shared by the Centers for Disease Control.