Skate Park


Welcome to our virtual skate park! Although we do not have our regular in-person sessions, programming, and events, we are excited to bring the skate park to you from the comfort of your own home! Please enjoy these links and resources until we can safely begin our regular programming!

The Temecula Skate Park is open daily from dawn till dusk for mixed use. Please check our website for more info:

safetyfirstSAFETY FIRST

Always get your parents’ permission before riding or attempting any challenge. 

National Safety Council:

Safe Kids:

CHALLENGES challenges

Do your best stunt (AT HOME ONLY!) and tag us on Instagram @TemeculaParksAndRec.

Please wear your protective gear and be safe! With your parents’ permission, please only do stunts in your garage or yard.

  • Scooter: fakie, manual, nose pivot
  • BMX: j-hop, fakie out, barspin
  • Skate: tick-tack, fakie kick turn, boneless

FUN FACTS (source:

funfactsFidget spinners: Fidget spinners are made with skateboard bearings!

Around the world: Today you can find skate parks in nearly every country and on nearly every continent around the world. Accept Antarctica because, obviously.

Urban Warrior ‘99: During the early 1990’s, the U.S. military briefly tested using skateboards as a means to maneuver inside of buildings and urban settings in a program called “Urban Warrior ‘99”. I wonder if the boards were camouflage?

History: The first skateboards were made by literally hammering skates onto boards of wood. 


resourcesEnergy Skate Park:

International Scooter Association:


World Skate:

Exploratorium’s History of Skateboarding:
Virtual idea: search online for tours/drone tours of skate parks around the world