Special Events


A message from our Special Events Team:

While we may not be able to physically connect to our community through our usual events, the Special Events Team is still here for you! We will continue to bring you Virtual Special Events to help you stay connected to your community through activities, crafts, or photo challenges you can safely do at home. 

We hope you enjoy our Virtual Special Events as you stay safe and healthy while having #TemeculaFUNatHome

Educational Photo Challenge

August is often associated with “Back to School Month,” so why not participate in an “educational” photo challenge? A different school subject will be selected each in week in August and you are encouraged to participate in a photo challenge related to the subject. Participate in one or both challenges of the week. All participants are eligible to receive City swag at the conclusion of the challenge.

Remember to maintain social distancing and wear a mask as needed while participating in the photo challenges.

Email your name and photo to Tracy.Courts@TemeculaCA.gov

August 3-7: History

Sam Hicks Monument Park is a great destination for school field trips. It wouldn’t be the same without learning about the historical rock located right in the park. Stop by and take a picture of the “They Passed This Way” monument. 

Did you know that the City of Temecula has a sister city in Daisen-Nakayama, Japan? To celebrate our sisterhood, we have a Japanese Garden featured at the Temecula Duck Pond. Stop by and take a picture of your favorite part of the garden.