Homeless Resources

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The City and region continue to be committed to addressing the local homeless population, and are taking all precautionary and protective measures feasible to protect the health of these individuals and the general public during this pandemic. The City of Temecula Homeless Outreach Team cares about the health and safety of our team and the citizens that we serve, as we make every attempt feasible to provide homeless shelter opportunities or reconnect homeless individuals with their family. 

Here’s what we are doing:

  • The City works closely with Project Touch who has a winter local shelter opened from December -April each year. The City also is working with the shelter operator to assure that extra disinfecting procedures are implemented. If anyone is showing symptoms of any illness, they will be immediately isolated until they can be cleared in conjunction with public health protocols of the Riverside County Public Health Department and California Department of Public Health. The shelter also has volunteer doctors that have visited.

  • The City’s HELP Center is open two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday 9am - 4pm, and staff is receiving and answering messages on the other days. The HELP Center is a location to access all resources, available to homeless and individuals who are at-risk seeking additional resources.
    • Address: 28922 Pujol Street
    • Phone: 951-240-4242
  • The City’s street Homeless Outreach Team and Social Work Action Group are out daily looking for homeless to conduct wellness checks, and reconnect them with family and/or a homeless shelter.

Visit these websites for resources and information related to homelessness in Temecula and within the region: responsiblecompassion.org and temeculaca.gov/homeless.