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Senior Resources

In addition to the resources below, the City of Temecula's Mary Phillips Senior Center at 951-694-6464 (41845 6th Street, Temecula) has staff members available to direct your call and provide support where needed. Our team of caring staff will also be making weekly calls to check on our local seniors.

Senior Nutrition 

The Mary Phillips Senior Center (41845 6th Street) has a Senior Nutrition Program for seniors (60+). We encourage seniors to call 951-694-6464 in advance to reserve their meal.

Home Delivered Meals

The Home Delivered Meals Program through the Riverside County Office on Aging is for individuals 60 years of age or older who may be at nutrition risk due to transportation or health issues that prevent them from taking care of their own nutritional needs. For more information, call the Office of Aging at 1-800-510-2020.

Check-In with Older Adults

Check in with the older and at-risk adults. Visit for a long list of resources to help ensure the needs of our neighbors’ and loved ones’ lives are being met.

Aging & Disability Resource Connection

For information and assistance on the most sought-after contract or referral services available to Riverside County’s seniors, call the Riverside County Office of Aging at 1-800-510-2020. Assistance specialists will connect callers to the appropriate service.

National Council on Aging

For valuable tools and resources available to seniors, please visit the

Community Mission of Hope

Offers senior residents of Temecula and Murrieta a free box of fresh food and commodities Monday through Friday, 10am to 12pm, via a drive-through service. After the first visit, a Case Manager will contact for a phone intake. For more information, please visit or call 951-444-1404.

Synergy Homecare

Available to provide assistance with delivery medication and other basic essentials. Call 951-296-2214 or visit Snergy HomeCare of Temecula.

Temecula Rotary Club/ Senior Outreach

If you are or know of a senior at home that is in need (IE: a call to lift their spirits, food box to be delivered, medicine to be picked up, etc.), the Temecula Noon Rotary Club would love help! Please call 951-445-7204.

Special Needs

The City of Temecula is dedicated to providing support and keeping our special needs community informed on relevant resources and information as it relates to families of children with special needs. 

We understand that this pandemic affects support networks that are important to the development of special needs children. CLICK HERE to be directed to our dedicated Special Needs page with a variety of resources and supports that are critical to health, wellness and the education of youth with special needs.

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Stores with Senior Hours
Senior Hours: 8:30am-9:30am Tuesdays and Thursdays
29655 Rancho California Rd.
Senior Hours: 9am-10am Monday through Friday
26610 Ynez Rd.
Senior Hours: 8am-9am Tuesdays only
29676 Rancho California Rd
Tom’s Farms
Senior Hours: 8am-9am daily
3900 Temescal Canyon Rd, Temescal Valley

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Virtual Recreation

Exercise (Virtual) - Seated Exercises for Older Adults

Free Games - Crossword Puzzles Online

Inter-generational Pen Pal Program - In collaboration with Youth Advisory Council (YAC). To sign up, please call the Mary Phillip’s Senior Center at 951-694-6464 or email 

Museum Tours (Virtual) - Twelve famous museums offer virtual tours of their galleries

Opera Performances (Virtual) - Metropolitan Opera announced it would stream encore presentations on their website each night at 7:30 PM. You can also stream through the Met Opera’s on-demand app.

Woodcarving - Carve along videos series

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Caregiver Support Group - Provided via Alzheimer’s Association, California Southland

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Coronavirus Scams

1. Beware of fraudulent products claiming a cure

From special teas to essential oils to silver lozenges, numerous companies have been touting that their products have the ability to prevent or treat coronavirus. Recently, the Food & Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued warning letters to seven companies whose advertisements made these false claims.

Remember: There currently are no approved vaccines, drugs, or investigational products available to prevent or cure the virus. You can report suspected scams to the National Center for Disaster Fraud hotline at 866-720-5721.

2. Don’t give money to charities you don’t know

Whenever a crisis occurs, scammers will try to draw on individual goodwill to seek “donations” for a worthy cause. It’s very easy for anyone to set up an account on crowdsourcing platforms to request support from the public.

If you would like to contribute to efforts to support those affected by the coronavirus pandemic—such as older adults who are home bound and unable to access food or medication, or those who’ve lost employment and need financial relief—be sure to research a charity first. Sites like Charity Navigator, Guidestar, and the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance provide comprehensive, vetted reviews of top charities.

3. Hang up on impostor callers

Phony callers pretending to represent a government agency were one of the top-reported scams in 2019. Last year alone, more than 166,000 people complained to the FTC about fake Social Security calls, wherein victims lost a median $1,500 each.

As more Social Security offices temporarily close and the IRS offers leniency on tax filing, you can bet that scammers will take advantage of these to cold call older adults and convince them to release personal information or face discontinuation of benefits.

Get a call like this? Hang up! Note that government agencies rarely contact persons by phone unless you have ongoing business with them and they never make threats about arrest or legal action.

Report suspicious calls to the SSA Office of the Inspector General by calling 800-269-0271, and report instances of IRS-related fraud to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 800-366-4484.

4. Be wary of new investment opportunities

A biotech company you’ve never heard of is working hard on developing a vaccine for the coronavirus. If you buy company stock now, you’re sure to get a windfall when the markets go up, right?

If this sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has warned that fraudsters are using the current news to promote investments in their companies that promise dramatic returns based on so-called “research reports”. If you are looking to invest in a company, be sure to do your research and remember that investment scammers often exploit the latest crisis to make themselves rich.

5. Beware of Offers to Test for Coronavirus

Don’t give your medicare number ot anyone over the phone or to door-to-door solicitors offering to test for the Coronavirus/COVID-19. Potential scams may include: someone approaching residents of senior housing and assisted living facilities about "opportunities" for COVID-19 testing; robocalls about "special virus kits" and asking for your Medicare nmber to send a "free test;" emails offering COVID-19 testing services that an be ordered through a telehealth provider. For additional information, call 855-613-7080 or visit

National Council on Aging scam alert graphic
Important update! As of March 30, 2020, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) received word of two additional coronavirus-related scams making the rounds:

  1. Fraudsters have been contacting consumers to ask for their personal information, telling them it is needed before individuals can begin to receive the stimulus checks that many consumers will receive as a result of recent legislation. The FTC notes that the government will not call and ask for information, nor require you to submit any upfront payment to receive these checks, which will be mailed in the coming weeks.
  2. Social Security reports that some people who receive benefits are getting fraudulent letters claiming their benefits will be suspended due to COVID-19 related office closures. Social Security is not suspending any benefits and never requests people to pay a fee to receive their benefits.

Sources: Riverside County Office on Aging; California Senior Medicare Patrol

Click Here to download this information in PDF format.

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