Neighborhood Watch

What is it?

Neighborhood Watch is a community crime prevention program administrated by the Temecula Citizen Corps which enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with the Riverside Sheriff Department, Temecula and the City of Temecula.  Its purpose is to reduce crime and create an alert neighborhood by teaching simple crime prevention steps and providing general and specific information on crime in each neighborhood.  What does it involve?
  • Neighbors getting to know each other in a program of mutual assistance
  • Residents being trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods
  • Implementation of crime prevention techniques such as home security and Operation Identification.
You may hear the program called “Neighborhood Watch,” “Home Alert,” “Citizen Crime Watch” or “Block Watch.”  The idea is the same:  Neighbors looking out for each other!

Why Neighborhood Watch?

  • Nation wide millions of crimes are committed every year and the number is growing.
  • There cannot be a law enforcement officer on every corner so citizen involvement is essential to combat crime.
  • By cooperating with each other and law enforcement people can help fight crime in their community the most effective way – before it begins.
For more information on Neighborhood Watch download this informational handout.