Volunteer Positions

We are an all volunteer organization.  We want you to join us.  If you are interested in serving your community and becoming a TCC member, email us and one of our volunteer leaders will contact you.

The TCC has available positions for those volunteers that can donate more of their time and want to be more involved.  

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Members of TCC must live or work within the jurisdictional boundaries of the sphere of the City of Temecula’s influence. They will only operate within the city limits and the sphere of the City of Temecula’s influence. TCC members must complete the 20 hour CERT Training Course and submit a membership application. These members may participate in TCC training events and support TCC’s effort to enhance emergency and disaster preparedness.
  • A TCC Disaster Service Worker (DSW) is an individual who has completed the 20 hour CERT Training Course, IS- 100b (Introduction to Incident Command System online course)IS-700a (National Incident Management System online course), Heartsaver CPR and Heartsaver First Aid courses. All TCC DSW personnel are required to have a Live Scan background check. TCC DSW volunteers may be activated by the city to respond and assist in providing emergency services as needed. TCC DSWs are issued a TCC identification card and are eligible to serve in TCC leadership positions.

TCC Volunteer Leadership Positions

TCC Program Administrator (Diana Serrano) - Email
  • Work directly with the TCC Chairperson (Temecula Fire Department Representative)
  • Assist in recruiting TCC members
  • Under direction of the TCC Advisory Board, work with other TCC members regarding donations
  • Meet regularly with Program Coordinators
  • Maintain competence with all TCC communication systems
  • Assist with promoting the TCC through public presentations
  • Attend all required training
  • Chair membership meetings

TCC Volunteer Coordinator (David Lewis) - Email
  • Recruit new members and coordinate orientation and mentoring
  • Identify special events in Temecula for TCC to participate in; recruit volunteers for the event
  • Work with Public Affairs Coordinator to recruit residents and businesses to join TCC
  • Support the City’s effort with donations management during emergencies with TCC members
  • Identify information for recruitment packets and develop packets as needed for special events
  • Keep a list of member’s knowledge’s, skills, and abilities
  • Initiate first contact with new members

TCC Neighborhood Watch Coordinator (Craig Turner) - Email
  • Liaison to Neighborhood Watch members
  • Represent the TCC at Neighborhood Watch orientation meetings
  • Attend other Neighborhood Watch meetings as requested

TCC CERT Coordinator (Mikel Alford) - Email
  • Assist City Fire Department CERT Coordinator
  • Assist with CERT Training and CERT Refresher Training
  • Coordinate TCC monthly training
  • Inventory, coordinate, and maintain equipment and supplies:
  • CERT trailers
  • TCC vehicles
  • TCC radio equipment
  • CERT storage containers
TCC Administrative Coordinator (Alan McRoberts) - Email
  • Maintain TCC member records and databases
  • Issue Disaster Service Worker ID cards
  • Provide lists such as Red Cross shelter trained members, CERT trained members, and Reverse 911 Communicator lists to the City and TCC Program Coordinators
  • Obtain sign-in sheets from all training sessions and include training information on TCC database
  • Track member participation hours for annual awards ceremony

TCC Public Affairs Coordinator (Kandy Konn) - Email
  • Act as external communications liaison to TCC members and Temecula residents
  • Assist with various other publications to promote TCC
  • Maintain and update TCC wepage
  • Coordinate public education
  • Initiate first contact from interest inquiries with prospective members