What Temecula Citizen Corps (TCC) does for the city  of Temecula and its communities

  • We prepare ourselves and families for disaster/emergency
  • We train monthly.
  • We share information about emergency preparedness at Emergency Fairs, both for the city and other establishments, and other community special events.
  • We provide a First Aid station at City-sponsored events
  • We teach Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) 4 times a year; two classes for adults and two classes for teens.
  • We manage the Neighborhood Watch Program for Temecula with participation from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.
  • We are Disaster Service Workers when we complete the necessary training and clearances.
  • Amateur Radio Communications (need more?)
  • We staff the city's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as needed.
  • We have CERT trailers stocked and ready to go in an emergency. We continually maintain our trailers and equipment.
  • The TCC has available positions for those volunteers that can donate more of their time and want to be more involved.

We are an all volunteer organization.  We want you to join us.  If you are interested in serving your community and becoming a TCC member, email us and one of our volunteer leaders will contact you