Building Permits can require  steps, documentation, and/or approvals that must be provided before a Building Permit can be issued. These "Clearances" are evaluated on a project-by-project basis in order to meet all of the regulatory requirements for each permit. Upon submittal of your Building Permit Application, our staff will evaluate your project for the required clearances.

If you have any questions about about which Clearances will be required for your project, please contact our Community Development Technicians at 951-694-6476.

Note: Fees may be required for these clearances.
Additional Requirements
Homeowner's Association (HOA) or Owner Association - check CC&Rs
Agent/Employee Authorization is required when representing a contractor
An electrical contractor is required for any commercial project (owner/builders)
Pre-construction meetings are required at issuance for new homes and commercial projects
Owner/Builder Forms/Letter of Authorization for Owner Builder Projects (notarization is required for commercial projects)
Note: Each project is unique and additional clearances may be required