Become a Vendor

Vendors at the Rod Run

The City of Temecula offers vending opportunities throughout the year at a number of our signature events. Vendor applications will be available online approximately three months prior to the event. Once the application closes, you will be notified by Community Services personnel if you are chosen to vend at one of our events. Please email or call the Special Events Hotline at (951) 694-6480 with any questions.

Temecula Rod Run - Friday, May 3 & Saturday, May 4, 2024
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CultureFest - Saturday, May 18, 2024C
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General Vendor Guidelines

    The City Events that are the subject of these Guidelines use City resources to positively promote the City in accordance with the City’s Quality of Life Master Plan.
    Submitting an application does not guarantee your participation in the event.
    Incomplete applications will not be considered and will automatically be rejected.
    Power is not provided.
    Amplified sound is prohibited.
    All booths should provide a banner or signage to identify their booth. Banners and signage should only indicate name of booth and price list if applicable.
    All vendors are required to have a City of Temecula Business License, a California Seller’s Permit, and Liability Insurance as shown on Liability Insurance link.
    Vendors shall not distribute flyers, business cards or other materials to spectators outside of their approved vendor booth area.
    All vendors must comply with the limited scope of vending or displays established for the specific City event. Marketing, sales or displays of campaign materials, political messaging, and campaign activity is deemed outside the limited purpose, scope, theme, and criteria of the specific City events. Nothing contained in these Guidelines or other City documents is intended, nor shall it be construed, to create a public forum at the specified City events.
    The City of Temecula retains the right to accept or reject applications based on the application’s support of and enhancement of the purpose, scope, theme, and criteria of the specific City event and the application’s consistency with the purpose, scope, theme, and criteria of the specific City event, including quality of banners and signage for the booth, availability, duplication of service, traffic flow.
    The Event Committee will review all applications to determine compliance with these Guidelines for the event.

Fire Requirements

    All commercial food trailers will be equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system, and have a California State Fire Marshal tag showing proof of service within the last six months. 
    There shall be no open flame or cooking under tents or canopies. 
    Any food vendor cooking with a deep fat fryer shall provide a 40BC fire extinguisher. All other food vendors cooking booths shall provide a 2A: 10BC fire extinguisher. The extinguisher shall have California Fire tag showing proof of service within the last year of manufactured in the current calendar year. 
    If only heating appliances are being used, a 2A: 10BC extinguisher shall be provided. The extinguisher shall have a California State Fire Marshal tag showing proof of service within the last calendar year or manufactured in the current calendar year.
    All persons working in booths and trailer shall be knowledgeable in proper use of the fire extinguisher in their area. 
    All electrical, both temporary and permanent shall be installed per National Electrical Code. 
    Food booths shall have a minimum 10-foot clearance on two sides. 
    Tents and canopies shall comply with CFC Chapter 31; they shall be labeled or provide certification of flame-retardant as required by the State Fire Marshal. Membrane structures, tents or canopies shall have a permanently affixed label bearing the identification of size and fabric material type.