The Temecula Community Recreation Center
30875 Rancho Vista Road
Temecula, CA 92592

Current Schedule 

Click HERE for the current schedule.
We are closed on some holidays and for maintenance on occasion. See the current schedule above.

How to Play

Only for Adult Basketball (ABB) and Adult Volleyball (AVB): Click HERE to sign up for a gym membership (add + $3.00/day for non-residents - paid at the door daily). 

Please note that memberships are valid for 1 year from the date applied. You will be required to renew your membership each year. 

Call us at 951-694-6410 for more information

  1. CRC Gymnasium Code of Conduct

These rules allow for a safe, fun environment at the CRC gymnasium. Following these rules will promote this type of environment.

1. Give staff the courtesy of the final decision.

2. Treat staff and others with respect.

3. Shirts must be worn at all times. Players wearing shirts containing literature or graphics that are deemed inappropriate by staff will be asked to change or leave.

4. No black-soled shoes on the court. Players wearing black-soled shoes will be asked to change or leave.

5. No food or drink allowed in the gymnasium, with the exception of water. Players eating food or drinking fluids other than water will be asked to secure the items or finish them in the lobby.

6. Dunking or hanging from the rim is not permitted.
1st offense = Warning.
2nd offense = 7 day suspension from the gym.
3rd offense = 30 suspension from the gym.

7. All parties involved in any type of physical altercation will be suspended from the facility.
1st offense = 30 day suspension from the facility.
2nd offense = 90 day suspension from the facility.
3rd offense = 1 year suspension from the facility.

8. Please watch the severity of your language. The use of profane, obscene, or vulgar language will not be tolerated. In addition, any use of racial insults will not be tolerated.
1st offense = Warning.
2nd offense = 7 day suspension from the gym.
3rd offense = 30 suspension from the gym.

9. Small children must be supervised by an adult, and ALL children are to remain in the bleachers. If children are unmanageable and unable to stay in the bleachers, staff will ask the responsible adult to wait with the child in the lobby.

10. Online completion of an annual membership for each participant is required (click HERE). In addition, non-Temecula residents will be charged an additional $3.00/day of use. See staff for more information. No membership = No play.

Management reserves the right to extend suspensions based on the severity of the violation.