Human / Youth Services

  1. Autism Resources

    The City of Temecula has released the Southwest Riverside County: Special Needs Resource Guide. The City of Temecula Human Services Department has developed this guide of resources as a reference tool to assist parents, caregivers, and individuals affected by disabilities to connect with local services and resources.

  2. Eagle Soar Playground & Splash Pad

    The Splash Pad is a great way for kids to enjoy the summer heat.

  3. Human Services Resource Guide

    The City of Temecula has developed this guide as a reference tool to assist parents, caregivers and individuals by providing a list of local resources in the community.

  4. Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program

    This program provides mentors to interact with employers and participants, insuring that everyone's needs are being met and that a wide range of skills are being developed.

  5. Playground & Splash Pad Special Needs Fall Program

    Join us for some Fall fun at the Temecula Special Needs Eagle Soar Playground!

  6. Special Needs Programs

    Find out more about the services and programs provided for our special needs residents.

  7. YAC - Youth Advisory Council

    Get involved in your community with the Youth Advisory Council.

  8. Youth Master Plan

    The City engaged Temecula’s youth and the broader community in a strategic planning process to develop new ideas for how the entire community could work together to make Temecula a better place for youth and teens both today and for generations to come. This resulting Youth Master Plan is based on community input and strategic discussion about youth-oriented activities, facilities, programs, partnerships, and more that can improve life for Temecula’s young people.