Performing Arts

  1. Ballet Classes

    Come learn the beautiful art of ballet in a musical, fun and creative environment! This class combines grace and technique of classical ballet, with a princess twist!

  2. Ballet Folklorico

    Learn the beautiful and traditional folk dances of Mexico. Some dances require special dresses to be performed traditionally and the cost for these is optional.

  3. Broadway Musical Theater

    Come join in the fun of exploring dance with a musical theater theme. This combo class will have a performance on the last day of the session to showcase your child's talent.

  4. City of Temecula Children's Chorus

    Calling all singers! The Temecula Valley Children's Chorus is for all children who love to sing. We will learn to sing and perform with simple choreography in a choral setting. Along the way, we will learn that discipline and hard work are required to sing as a unified chorus

  5. Hawaiian Tahitian Dance

    Polynesian Dance instruction for fun and enjoyment! Learn the basic movements of the graceful Hawaiian Hula, the fun Maori poi balls and the exciting Tahitian Dance.

  6. Jazz / Hip Hop Fusion

    Come move and groove to the music in this fun and funky class! Class combines the technique of jazz with the fun and funk of hip hop!

  7. Pre-Dance & Tumble

    The perfect introduction to dance and movement, this fun-filled, creative program teaches preschool-aged dancers skills needed in any future class. Class is structured to ensure success for every child and to keep them wanting more!

  8. Tahitian Dance for Boys (Tamaroa)

    This exciting new class for boys teaches the basics of the Tane Te Ori Tahiti dance steps. Participants will have the option to participate in the annual recital that will require costumes to be purchased or made.

  9. Tap Classes

    Come have fun and Tap, Tap, Tap! These fun-filled, action packed classes teach children the exciting and theatrical art of tap dance!

  10. Temecula Glitz!

    We've got spirit...yes we do...we've got about you? Gooo GLITZ! In addition to teaching the fundamentals of basic cheerleading skills (cheers, chants, jumps and dances), this popular and enthusiastic recreational 3-month cheerleading program focuses on leadership, community building, cooperation, self-confidence, respect and friendship!

  11. Mary Poppins - Youth Musical Theater

    Come be a part of the magical Broadway musical production, Mary Poppins! There are a variety of well-loved roles, large and small, to fit all ages and levels of experience. This show features memorable characters such as Mary, Bert, the Banks family, Chimney Sweeps, Toys, Gingerbread Store Shoppers, and more! It also has memorable songs such as Spoonful of Sugar, Let's Go Fly a Kite, and Step in Time!

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