Approval & Application Process

Approval Process

Temporary Use Permits are normally approved at the administrative (staff) level and do not require a public hearing. However, the Director of Planning may refer matters that are considered to have a special significance or impact to the Planning Commission for consideration.

Encroachment Permit

Additionally, any road closures or right-of-way encroachments in conjunction with an event will require an encroachment permit from the Public Works Department.

Applying for a Temporary Use Permit

  1. Complete the Temporary Use Permit Application (PDF). The additional supporting documents and supplemental submittal requirements are explained within the application packet. Please note that applications are required to be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.
  2. If you are submitting a Major Temporary Use Permit you will need to set up a submittal appointment. Please call the Senior Planner at 951-506-5159 and make an appointment to submit the application and all supporting documents. The submittal of a Minor Temporary Use Permit application does not require an appointment.

Application & Fees

After Application Submission

Plans Reviewed

After the application has been submitted to the Planning Department the assigned planner will review the project. Review of the project takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks. During this time the plans will also be routed to other departments for review.

Comments or Conditions of Approval

After reviewing the application, city staff will either indicate that there are corrections/comments that need to be addressed before the application can be approved, or issue Conditions of Approval for the permit.
If there are corrections/comments the application can not yet be approved. A comment letter will be mailed to the applicant indicating that corrections or additional information is needed prior to issuing the permit.


If plans need corrections or more information is requested, the applicant must then resubmit the application with the corrections and or requested information. An appointment with the planner is required for all resubmittals. Once the plans are resubmitted the planner will route the resubmitted plans to departments for review.


Once all requirements are met, an approval letter and conditions of approval for the event will be presented to the applicant for signature. The applicant must return a signed copy of the conditions of approval to the Planning Department prior to the event.