Temporary Use Permits

There are 2 categories of Temporary Use Permits.

Major Temporary Use Permit
Typically, major temporary uses:
  • Can occur on undeveloped property
  • Could create noise and/or traffic problems
  • Could potentially disrupt community life
  • Have a potential to create health and safety problems
Minor Temporary Use Permit
Typically, minor temporary uses occur on developed private property (generally commercial) for very short time periods. These temporary uses produce little noise and have no impacts to adjacent properties or to traffic and public safety.

When to Use a Major Temporary Use Permit
A Major Temporary Use Permit is required for the following activities:
  • Christmas tree and pumpkin sales lots and seasonal sale of agricultural products
  • Contractors’ construction yards, trailers, coaches or mobile homes as a temporary residence during construction of a dwelling
  • Fairs, festivals and concerts
  • Outdoor temporary swap meets or auctions (limited to 2 events per calendar year, 4 days each)
  • Real estate offices and model homes within approved development projects
When to Use a Minor Temporary Use Permit
A Minor Temporary Use Permit is required for the following activities:
  • Non-mobile flower or vendor stands
  • Public health and safety activities such as emergency clinics and temporary inoculation centers
  • Sidewalk sales
  • Special lighting exhibits
  • The outdoor display of sales and merchandise sold on the premises of an established business within any commercial land use district (limited to 2 events per calendar year, 4 days each)
  • Veterinary clinics
Other Temporary Uses
For temporary uses that are not listed above, the Director of Planning may, at his/her sole discretion, determine whether an unlisted temporary use should be classified as major or minor. This determination shall be based upon the similarities and differences with the above listed uses and an assessment of the proposed temporary use's compatibility with the zoning district and surrounding land uses.

Determination Requirements
In order for the planning department to make the determination as to whether your temporary use will be considered major or minor you will be required to submit a statement of operations for planning department review.

Development Code
Access the Development Code Section that governs temporary use permits.

Approval & Application
Visit our Approval and Application page to find out more on how to start and finish the process.