Massage Permits

Massage Establishment Permits

Massage Establishment Permits are required for any person wishing to open or renew a massage business within the City of Temecula.

Massage Ordinance

All massage technicians and all massage establishments are required to comply with the City of Temecula Massage Ordinance. All massage establishment permit approvals are granted subject to compliance with this ordinance.

Massage Establishment Permit Application & Requirements


Supplemental Questionnaire

In addition to the Massage Establishment Permit Application, a separate Supplemental Questionnaire is required to be submitted for each owner, operator, and/or manager of the establishment.


Any person wishing to open a massage business within the City of Temecula will need also need to get the following approvals in addition to the approval of a Massage Establishment Permit:

More Information

For more information, contact the Planning Department at 951-694-6400 or the Police Department Massage Coordinator, Suzi Lopez, at 951-696-3186.