Water Exercise Classes

  1. Aquacise

    Through the fusion of aerobic exercises with high energy dance-based choreography participants will tone muscles and improve cardiovascular health in a fun, upbeat environment. Routines feature dynamic rhythms and easy-to-learn steps that'll get you moving.

  2. Aqua Fit

    The Aqua Fit class combines segments of cardio and strength training using water resistance in both shallow and deep water to build muscle and endurance.

  3. Deep Water Power Hour

    Jogging and kickboxing meet the water in this moderate to high intensity workout. Class is taught in the deep water with a focus on cardio and powerful resistance moves all while working the core. Participants will use floatation belts and should feel comfortable in deep water.

  4. Shallow Water Aerobics

    Water Aerobics is a great activity to get moving in a low-impact but high energy environment.

  5. Water Walking

    The Water Walking class provides an easy, safe, and effective way to increase aerobic fitness, endurance, and muscle strength. One mile of water walking is similar to walking two miles on lands and burns up to twice the calories!