Facilities & Parks

  1. Bicycle Lanes & Trails

    There are bikeway and trail connections to our park sites, school sites and many other points of interest. We currently have approximately 97 miles of bike lanes throughout the City, and close to 22 miles of trails.

  2. Community Recreation Center (CRC)

    Looking for that special place for a memorable wedding reception, family reunion or company picnic? The Temecula Community Recreation Center has just the place for you.

  3. Conference Center

    Planning your next Seminar, Lecture, Workshop, Training Event or Banquet? The Temecula Conference Center may be the perfect venue. The beautiful Temecula Conference Center is located adjacent to the Temecula Civic Center and can accommodate groups of 20 up to 372 attendees!

  4. Eagle Soar Playground & Splash Pad

    The Eagle Soar Playground and Splash Pad at Margarita Community Park is intended to provide a safe, integrative, and welcoming playground where children of all abilities can come and play together where they can feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.

  5. Jefferson Recreation Center (JRC)

    The JRC includes additional classroom space and a large multipurpose area which allows for a greater number of classes and activities for larger groups of participants.

  6. Libraries

    Visit the libraries available in Temecula.

  7. Margarita Recreation Center (MRC)

  8. Mary Phillips Senior Center

    Get information about Mary Phillips Senior Center.

  9. Old Town Parking Garage

    Public parking located in Old Town Temecula.

  10. Old Town Temecula Community Theater

    Find out all about the Temecula Theater.

  11. Parks

    Learn about the parks maintained in Temecula.

  12. Pennypickle's Workshop Children's Museum

    Children of all ages are welcome in the home workshop of Professor Phineas T. Pennypickle, Ph.D., scientist, time traveler, and inventor of wacky and wonderful contraptions that amaze, delight and educate!

  13. Temecula Community Center (TCC)

    The Temecula Community Center features an elegant multi-purpose room and meeting rooms for public use.

  14. Temecula History Museum

    Get information about the Temecula History Museum and Chapel of Memories.

  15. Temecula Skate Park

    The Temecula Skate Park offers the ultimate scooter, skateboarding and in-line skating experience.

  16. Rentals

    Information regarding renting picnic shelters and facilities with the City of Temecula.