Interstate 15/State Route 79 South Ultimate Interchange

2016-12-09 Aerial Illustration 01 - Labeled


Reduce congestion and increase safety of the Interstate 15 / State Route 79 South (Temecula Parkway) Interchange through geometric and capacity improvements.


  • Realigned southbound ramps including a new bridge over Temecula Parkway for a loop off-ramp with free right turn to eastbound Temecula Parkway.
  • A widened Temecula Parkway beneath I-15 allowing for three through lanes and dual left hand turn lanes in both directions.
  • Elimination of one signalized intersection at the existing southbound ramps.
  • Increased number of lanes at the intersections including triple right hand turn lanes for the northbound off-ramp to eastbound Temecula Parkway.
  • Updated ADA curb ramps, refuge islands, and improved pedestrian access.


Construction contract awarded to Ortiz Enterprises Inc. by City Council 04/25/17.

20170425 Temecula Pkwy Fact Sheet - Final
20170405 FLYER - No Parking


Avlin R. Odviar, Project Manager (City of Temecula) | | 951.693.3969
Juan Rojas, Resident Engineer (Falcon Engineering) | | 951.264.6422
Last Update: April 25, 2017